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Smoking & Nutrition

Smoking & Nutrition

March 05, 2017

Did you know that your body loses essential nutrients for each cigarette you smoke?

The more you smoke, the higher the loss of nutrients and the more nutrients you need to restore for the maintenance of good health.This is important to know, as this nutrient loss is on top of the introduction of harmful substances introduced into your body through tobacco and tobacco smoke.
The combination of losing good nutrients and gaining harmful substances contributes to numerous health conditions and is one of the reasons why we smokers tend to be sick more often.
It’s Time has created a combination of dietary supplements that together help
to restore the primary nutrients lost as a result of smoking. While these supplements
cannot offset the many health risks of smoking, restoring the lost nutrients common to the majority of smokers can be an important step to rebuilding your health (even if you aren’t ready to quit yet).
These products will not offset the many risks of smoking, nor are they intended to. These products are intended to supplement some of the nutrients that have shown to be depleted in smokers

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